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What do the users think about MEDCOAT?

Below is a selection of all the feedback we have got from users of MEDCOAT®, translated from Swedish to English. Some of it we have found on the internet and some we have received through emails. We have hidden the name and workplace in the feedback we received via email.


Would like to thank you for your great product, Medcoat! Was extremely happy when I found it. Have always had trouble swallowing big tablets but with Medcoat it is very easy! I have for several years had to take 24 pills every day, just because of the size reasons, now I can instead take 4 ... a great relief, I can tell !
Mari N----



Sick daughter and Medcoat 
My little girl has 40 degrees fever. She has super hard to swallow tablets, but I got a test today on a thing called Medcoat, one thing that you put the tablet through and it becomes easier to swallow, and it also stimulates saliva flow. Tried it when I got home and aspirin tablet went down at once! Maybe it's a bit mental , but I tested and it becomes slippery . Wonderful service great! Available at the pharmacy.


I work as a doctor at -------clinic in Piteå.
It often happens that I recommend Medcoat to my patients. Even today for a 14 year old boy who wanted liquid Kåvepenin when he could not swallow tablets. But instead I recommended your eminent product. If possible, I would like to have a few hundred sample packaging for the medical center, so that we can share them at the reception to all who have difficulty taking their medication. I believe that you thus will get more sales here in Piteå.
Dr Alette ---------



All my life I have been very difficult to swallow tablets. I have always crushed the tablets, even if you do not always get it, or I have requested to receive the medication in liquid form, which is not always possible to get. I usually stand for several minutes and rinse water around to take charge and by that time the tablet has usually begun to dissolve, and it tastes really bad. Now I have started with a course of antibiotics and was offered Medcoat of Pharmacy. I am quite lyrical. The tablet is huge but does not feel at all when I swallow. They taste good, they are really slippery and does not even feel on the road through the throat. I'm really happy that this product excist and that I was recommended it.

Thank you,

Lotta N


My name is Margrethe L --------- and has a daughter who must take steroid tablets every day due to a chronic illness.
I just wanted to write and say that you have a fantastic product!
It has saved our day! Thanks!!!! :)
I have also sent Medcoat to my sister in Norway where they are to get there. She wonders if they come to Norway soon? I even wonder if I can buy directly from you and thus get a better price? It is no problem to buy many because they will be used.
mvh Margrehte



My name is Annica --------- and I work as a nurse at the child ----------- at the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital. During the autumn Medcoat was introduced at us and I am mightily impressed by this product! For so many years we have tried to find solutions for our patients who have to take unpalatable steroid tablets, without finding anything that works very well. Medcoat is a great help for many! I wonder now if there are alternative flavors, or if there is something planned? For example cola flavor, strawberry or mint? I imagine that our children would like to choose other flavors than just lemon, although it works great!

Send my regards to the inventor Fredrik Liljeblad that this is a outstanding invention!

Kind regards

Annica -----------



The day after I had to call and say how it was, the liquid medicine was impossible to get into her.
Since she received painkillers regularly after the operation with winding down this did not either work in liquid form, but then there were suppositories, but that was not available now. But we got tablets to try. It would be 2 tablets 3 times daily. Also this extremely hard. We tried to put them into most things, banana, jam, chocolate, yogurt. Nope, she bite the tablet and then it was chaos. But then I got the tip about Medcoat tablet coating. Went and bought it directly. Lovis had to be with me and tried pushing through the tablet as it turned yellow. It then got a slippery film on itself that made it easier to swallow, and a taste of citrus. Then it went just fine. At the beginning with bribery of ice cream, but then she thought it was really fun.


Tip of the day!

Today when my daughter got her penicillin, the doctor thought she was big enough to swallow tablets. Can you get big enough to learn it, was my question then?! ?? Because I have terrible difficulty still to swallow a half aspirin =)
But she tipped anyway of a new thing that has come, and it worked more than excellent !!!!!!!!
Anybody seen or used Medcoat ?? It is a product that makes it easier to swallow the tablets. One can divide or to have the tablet whole. Lubricant =). A very neat solution really, and I highly recommend it !!! The daughter swallow pills like never before and that means that the rest of us hopefully get to sleep tonight! GOOD!!



I take Lifeline Care Pregnancy supplements and there are 4 pills of which one is pretty big, but then I got Medcoat tablet coating and it actually works REALLY well. You do not even have time react before it is swallowed, it just slips down :) test Medcoat available in pharmacies.



Infection in the foot..

Have been with Linus to the family doctor today. Since his foot was seriously infected. Despite all wash with soap and water and ethanol. Yesterday it was suddenly swollen and sore.

Now he has got a DRASTIC CURE with Flucloxacillin, three tablets three times daily for a week. Bought a package Medcoat to be on the safe side. Since it is sometimes hard to swallow medications. Tastes lemon and it "dresses" the tablet so that it easier slides down. I can really recommend it!



Wonderful invention

There is a wonderful Swedish invention called Medcoat. I just have to share some info about it...
Because of my EDS and my gastric bypass I eat substantial amounts of pills each day, many of which are very difficult to swallow - partly because of the taste, and partly because of the size. EDS also makes it difficult to swallow in general and I often start to vomit, and the tablet will come up again...

When I was at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, I saw this nifty product and thought that it might be able to help me.

Never could I have dreamed that this little "pill condom"/coating would be as effective - and delicious!

It tastes like "Fox Lemon Toffee" and I really sit and pick at the remains from the package after I have used them for the tablets (yes, I know it's not normal)! Medcoat is sugar free and it provides the tablets with a thin, good tasting cover that makes it is easier to swallow, it can be used by both adults and children and is easy to use.

Read more about the product here ...

Would highly recommend this to anyone who think it is difficult to take tablets! You will find Medcoat at your nearest pharmacy.

(I'm not getting paid to write this post - it's my own, honest, opinion.)




2013-12-29, 04:00


You've probably already tried Medcoat? A lemon-flavored jelly coating that make the tablets easier to swallow. Works great for our little girl.