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About 25% of the population have difficulty swallowing tablets. Two large groups experiencing these problems are children and the elderly, but also many adults have difficulties swallowing tablets.

What is MEDCOAT Tablet coating?

MEDCOAT® is an award winning patented Swedish innovation with which the user himself can apply a coating to tablets, capsules or pills, just before taking them. The coating makes the tablet easier to swallow and better tasting. The product is available in pharmacies in the Nordic countries and in Germany. International customers can also buy it through our webshop.

Below is a commercial showing the product.

MEDCOAT® makes tablets:

• Easier to swallow: The coating is slippery and saliva stimulating which make tablets easier to swallow.
• Taste good: The coating masks the taste of tablets and replaces it with a pleasant and refreshing taste of citrus.

MEDCOAT® is sold in pharmacies as a consumer health care product without any connection to a specific drug. MEDCOAT® can be used to coat tablets and capsules of different size and shape. MEDCOAT® can also be used for divided tablets and the coating then also effectively camouflages the sharp edges and the bad taste at the surface of fracture. The product is a safe and effective aid that only contains common food ingredients (about 0.2 g per coating). The coating dissolves quickly from the tablet after swallowing.